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Hello my friends!
how I said in January (when I have been in CT last time) I have travel now to FL and I stop for fun in CT for couple weeks. I will be in CT 13-29 April 2024 and I have back to home to Alaska 5 May, so summer start soon and we will have a lot job at home... So, next time I will be in CT in December before Christmas. Pls text to my booker for stup time. See you soon.                                                                                        

My TER ID: 385641, Review

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My rate:
250 - 1/2h
500 - 1h
800 - 90min
1000 - 2h

My travel:
4.13 - 4.21 Stamford (LAST DAY in stamford 20 April)
4.22 - 4.27 Hartford

Age: 34
Hair color: Blonde
Height: 5 '6 "
Eyes color: Blue
Weight: 118 lbs
Speak English

Hello i'm Ida, ansd I'm here on Olitasite for meet great people and have fun together.
I love life! What is mean?
It's mean i love blue sky and fresh water! I love my Alaska with a fresh air , real and good food from forest, ocean and lakes. I like comfortable cloth and shoes for walking.
I love PEOPLE and i lovefree relationship between man-woman GOOD EMOTIONS (if we don't talk about relationship like husbent-wife or girlfriend-boyfriend).
So if you ready make love with a nice, very positive, hightly energy woman like me you just meet?
Please text to my assistant for make appoitment.
Im here for make happy both of as.

See you soon!

From Administrator.
Today 01.13.2024 .
And on TER client named "3582056" posted FAKE REVIEW for IDA. He said very nice words , but his review faked for 100%.
Why he posted review? I know why! It is because if clients posted 1 review in month, it is mean he can read full review ( including The Juicy Details).
So for ll our clients, i ave expained here that around 20% reviews on TER , it is not real reciews. So dont believe all of them.
So today i got a lot of textes from NEW clients wanted meet Ida. When i said Im so so sorry but Ida dont meet new clients at all... Potential clients showed to me that Fake Review where "3582056" said he met Ida in Hartfordr like a new client ( he said never meet girls from olita before!)
Here i prefer explained and prov to all our guests about Fake review, because i dont want have a tone of sms during a day and explained it for everyone.
1. "3582056" said he never meet girl from olita, Ida first. ITS FAKE !! Ida don't meet new clients at all! Even our regular clients texted me before 8am for reserve time, because she meet 2-3 our regular clients in day only.
2. "3582056" said he left in 40 min, it FAKE! nobody left her before time ober. All clients staying even longer. Our clients who visited her and know that.
3. "3582056" said 10% fake pic and only 90% real pic on olitasite. For our regular clients i showed her PERSONAL SITE (before they visit)!! and all our clients have enter her personal site with many pictures from her Alaskin life!
4. "3582056" said on picture Ida has TATTO, its not true , because Ida has no TATTO at all. And She can not have any one pictures with tatto at all.
So now i just asked plese NO NEED POST FAKE REVIEWS, even you going said best words about girls. Reviews have to be real, if you really visited girl. Please no need post just your fantazy.


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