Attention! I have new rule. One CLIENT-IDIOT visited me and incognito made video ( this video camera located on bottle of water). Now he blackmailing me and posted video with me everywhere.
Horrible situation. You know me long time and first time it is happened. And i can not fixing it now. So my new rule, because I would like be safe and I have no know idea who from my visitors did it!
New Rule for All my visitors.
After you arrived.
Leave donation.
Go to bathroom and leave absolutely everything in bathroom. When you come to room for spending great time with me , PLEASE BE NAKED or you can keep towel( even glasses, water leave in bathroom).

I asked that because much better if we stay safe together.
If somebody know how fix that situation and founding that visitor ( he is regular client of olitasite), advise me pls.

Hello, i'm Stefania and thank you for visit my page on this site. I visited Stamford-Hartford many times, but last year 2023 I was out of that business because I finished my education in CA and i'm so happy now!
I hope see you again and i hope you remember me. I answer on phone by myself this time, i'm without assistant ( who made appoitment). So, if i will not answer to you wright after yout text? Please dont worry , all good. Im not ignored you, i will answer when i have a minute.

Check my new pictures)!! i changed color of my hair)) !
See you soon!


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Incall only
300 - 1/2h
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800 - 90min
1000 - 2h

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I am a master at creating an atmosphere of seduction. If you dont belive, just meet me and you will know that. Haha. I enjoy exploring new things, and can’t wait to try them all with you.
Do you have a fantasy you’d like to explore with me? I will have a great pleasure in making them a reality. I love a man that knows what he wants. You will agree that I have magical talents to put you at ease while I stimulate your mind, body and soul.

I'm so sorry, but no black man.


Age: 25
Hair : brunet NOW, but i was blonde last year
Height: 5.5
Eyes blue eyes
Weigh: 105 lb


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