Hello, my name Olita Romie. Thank you so much for visiting my site.

For all users of my site.

1.  MY SITE ITS NOT AGENCY! my site it is platform where my friends or girls who arrived to USA and can post ads for meet clients.
It's very small and privat site where people can found each other.
2. My site work for several citis only.
3. Girls posting ads on my site by themself only. For post ads on site you can find advertise form

For girls and p rovider.
Your advertise form can be approved and posted by menanger of site if:

  • 3.a. You can prove your pics and video for post ad accurate and real.  So be ready have skype or face time calls with menanger for
    proved yourself.
  • 3.b. You have appload documents ( passport, ID, DL) on advertise form if you 22-45 year old.
  • 3.c. You know site www.olitafriends.com don't care about any relationship between YOU and YOUR clients.
  • 3.d. If your ad aprroved and you legal post youd ad, make sure you know you can answer on your phone by yourself or use bookers from Olita Romi. Booker help you schedule clients and verify new clients. Booker work for you only, like a personal your booker.
  • 3.e. Payment for your ad will be applied only if your Ads was approved by menanger.
    About payment for your booker ( if you need booker), your can speak with your booker only. Im not responsibility about payment for booker at all. Remember you paid to me for ad on site only, I dont care how many clients do you have, where you meet clients, hours of meeting, it is not my bussines at all.

For Clients and memebers.

  • 3.f. Before meet provider make sure you know my site is not responsible for your meet with provider at all. I can garanty all provider on site have real pics.
  • 3.g. If you make appoitment by boooker for meet provider. Please never text to booker and said "your girl". REMEMBER !!!!! Booker work for girl today. Booker can change every day. Girls not working for booker at all.

If you interesting i can tell you about me:
I'm 46 years old in this 2023 year. I live in Provence Italy.
During 2009-2016 i lived in NYC and Los Angeles and i met a lot o good people.
I left USA 2018 and now I'm in Provence and I have a lot of fun here. I really hope you remember me because i have good memories about USA.
From myself i can promise, all girls who posted ad on my site are real for 100%, even if you can see video of them. All girls here is my friends or friends of my friends. You can believe it true.
All ladies different, all of them have different personality , but all of them here for meet with a nice man. I have no idea about how they get contact number for communicate with you. But i know some girls use assistant (booker) for set up meeting. So you can asked directly of them who answer on her phone number.
I wish to you best life, ocean of love and a lot of friends.

Please smile and be happy.
Olita Romie
September 2023


Olita Romie and Friends.


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